During the last few weeks of bitter cold this year, Sam and I started to daydream incessantly about my warmer roots, wondering if the cold over here really is worth it when we have a built in community waiting for us in California. Finally, though, it feels like we’ve come out of it for good. I spent the weekend following the sun around our apartment like a cat, finding the sunniest spots to sit with my new iPad or a book. After such a long, cold, and dark winter, it was wonderful to feel like the world was bright again.

norway1-superJumboToday I read this article from the New York Times about a Norwegian town that has begun using mirrors to bounce sunlight down into their village square during the six months of total darkness they experience each year. What an ingenious solution! I love the differing opinions of the people who live there, and I feel like such a wimp for wondering if we should leave after just one difficult winter. It reminds me of these incredible photos of the people who live in what is estimated to be the world’s coldest inhabitable town in Russia. It really speaks to our connection to our homes that humans live in these places at all. I’m so glad it’s finally warm outside!


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