WOW I love these Waterscape Vases from West Elm so, so much.

waterscape vases 2

I’m obsessed with sea glass. It’s so dreamy and beautiful, even though I know it comes from less-than-stellar glass-litter origins.

waterscape vase 2I just can’t stop thinking about summer right now – beachy days, humid nights, grilling in the park, and sea glass.

waterscape vasesI would love to see them on my dresser each day or in a windowsill, filtering the afternoon light. The colors are right up my ally no matter what the object is. Make it beautifully shaped glassware and you’ve got me hooked.

waterscape vaseThe only issue is, um, I never understand super skinny “bud vases.” What, do people seriously just put like one flower in their $30 vase and call it a day? I find that so unsatisfying. Give me a huge container any day for my $5 deli flowers. No matter, I don’t exactly have a “bud vase” budget right now anyway, so I’ll have to find my sea glass the old fashioned way.

(Photos via West Elm)


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