My laptop rightfully acheived senior citizen status long ago, meaning it always got first dibs on outlets (because it would last about 3 minutes when not plugged in before running out of battery and shutting down) and was treated with respect, reverence, and awe by all who came into contact with it.


But there came a point when I could no longer open a document reliably or check my email without the whole thing crashing. Sam got me an iPad keyboard for Christmas to use with his iPad, but his iPad was a first-generation senior citizen too, and soon it became clear that wasn’t going to work either.

So! This weekend I took the plunge, and got a beautful new iPad Air. I’m in love, people. And I’m even more in love with it now that I’ve discovered Design Love Fest’s Dress Your Tech series. Designers have made these backgrounds specifically for desktop, phone, and tablet backgrounds, and they’re absolutely gorgeous. Most of them are so spring, with light strokes and lovely colors. Spring-ify your tech, everyone! And definitely don’t talk to me. I’ll be over here obsessing over my iPad.



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