There was a moment, a while ago, when several things conflated into an impossibly good idea. I was saying something to Sam about how he could never understand what I was talking about (who knows exactly what it was that we were talking about) because he was an east coaster and I’m a west coaster (never mind the fact that I identify as an east coaster or west coaster as it suits me to do so). Simultaneously, I was setting a cold drink down on our table and thinking idly that we should get some coasters.


via FabAllThings

EAST COASTERS. WEST COASTERS. It’s like all of my favorite things wrapped up into one perfect concept. Puns. The two beautiful coast of this country. Home decor. Perfection.

EastWestCoasters1via ShiftingStatusKuo

And with the vast and unending internet at my disposal, it didn’t take long to find a couple of options. But of course, I’ve also started to wonder if I could make these myself…


2 thoughts on “East coaster vs West coaster

  1. I’ve found some that are the shape of CA and the shape of NY – those are the ones I want!


  2. Susan Cloyd says:

    You never cease to amaze me with your thoughts and creativity. I’m hoping you make them!


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