There was a moment, a while ago, when several things conflated into an impossibly good idea. I was saying something to Sam about how he could never understand what I was talking about (who knows exactly what it was that we were talking about) because he was an east coaster and I’m a west coaster (never …

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WOW I love these Waterscape Vases from West Elm so, so much. I’m obsessed with sea glass. It’s so dreamy and beautiful, even though I know it comes from less-than-stellar glass-litter origins. I just can’t stop thinking about summer right now – beachy days, humid nights, grilling in the park, and sea glass. I would …

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Last weekend, Sam and I went for the first bike ride of the year! Sam will bike in all weather, but I’ll only bike when it’s sunny and warm. We just went for a ride around Central Park, but our somewhat harried ride to the park reminded me of this video, have you seen it? It’s a short …

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During the last few weeks of bitter cold this year, Sam and I started to daydream incessantly about my warmer roots, wondering if the cold over here really is worth it when we have a built in community waiting for us in California. Finally, though, it feels like we’ve come out of it for good. …

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My laptop rightfully acheived senior citizen status long ago, meaning it always got first dibs on outlets (because it would last about 3 minutes when not plugged in before running out of battery and shutting down) and was treated with respect, reverence, and awe by all who came into contact with it.

I didn’t really “live” in my last apartment the way I “live” in this one. It was completely unintentional. I moved in envisioning settling in, nesting, making it feel like a home. Then life got in the way in huge and all-encompassing ways and “nesting” took a backseat for a while. Now, though, even as …

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March 18, 2014

I’m working on a big project this week, but it’s pretty boring, so until it’s done I won’t force it on anyone else.

In the meantime, I’m sure I’m the last person in the world to discover these, but I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole that is Into The Gloss interviews. Ostensibly, they focus on beauty routines (and have been making the rounds because Shailene Woodley just did one and predictably said a whole lot of totally bizarre and completely amazing random stuff like how healthy it is to get sun on your lady parts on a regular basis), but really they’re like reading an imprint of the mind of each woman. They really bring to light how inextricably our identities are linked not only the unchangeable aspects of our looks, but also our relationship to the ritual we put into appearance each day. They’re also completely judgement free. Where most beauty regimen articles are full of “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” and appropriate and not, these, refreshingly, just serve as a reflection of the inner-life of the woman being interviewed, through the lens of her relationship to her skin.

Check out some of my favs:


When I get out, I pull myself together and look in the mirror and say, ‘It’s going to be OK.’ It’s when I feel the most beautiful. – China Machado Continue reading