When it comes to lamps and nightstands and even silverware, Sam and I differ. We both love a clean, mid-century-esque base for a room (hence, we both love our couch and dresser). We both love wood with some personality (so our dining table and chairs are in the clear). But when it comes to decor, we're finding out I lean a little more to the “modern” side of that mid-century look and he leans a little more traditional. I don't want anyone to think he's asking granny florals and crochet pillows, he just likes a little warmer, a little cozier, than I do (and I think it says more about me that I felt the need to clarify that than it does him – the more traditional of you out there were thinking classic design and a cozy home from the beginning, but when I hear traditional I, unfairly, think octogenarians). I like clean lines, bright whites, and contrast – we don't have anything even remotely traditional in our bedroom yet, and it's looking very “California cool.” I don't know what that means exactly but trust me if you visit our bedroom you will find yourself nodding along with that statement like it makes more sense than anything you've heard all week.

Look at us, so happy and innocent, before anyone called anyone else's taste “tacky” accidentally.

We've been having a lot of moments lately when we're trying to find something that we both like, that will fulfill a specific function, and won't break the bank. Needless to say there has been some clashing in what we each think would work best. Because the amount of time Sam can spend researching home design is limited as he's, you know, in law school, he has been wonderful and gracious and trusts my judgement when I say something that's not his ideal is really our best option. But we did have a low point a few weeks ago where Sam called something (that he didn't realize I liked) tacky. Stab me in the heart, why don't you. He has since bought me two pints of ice cream and Hershey's chocolate syrup as offerings to the altar of his love for me, so we're all good, but it was one of the first moments where we looked at each other and went, oh, you mean the fact that we're two different people with different preferences and upbringings is going to affect how we want to represent ourselves in our home?

It's been an exercise in compromise, but it's also been an exercise in pure acceptance, because can I just say that while I love that man to death, we have both picked out things that the other one thinks is straight up ugly. It's hard not to hardcore judge someone for picking out what you think is the worst of your cheap craigslist options. But when you can master that skill, well, I think you just might make it.



One thought on “Love in the time of craigslist

  1. Beth says:

    Having a good sense of humor goes a long way, too. 🙂


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