A few weeks ago, when Sam and I biked up to the Cloisters, I decided it was finally time to invest in a bike. The one I had been riding was a hand-me-down from Sam's neighbor to Sam to me, and it finally gave up and pretty much died on 125th street as we did the most dangerous part of our ride, weaving around double parked cars and taxis on our way to the Hudson River Greenway. The chain was messed up and the gears weren't shifting and every time I tried to coast the bike essentially stopped completely. Bananas, as well as totally unsafe.

So I bought a bike! And Monday, we biked down to Emack and Bolio's on the Upper West Side for pre-dinner ice cream. Because what's the point of being childless twenty-somethings if we can't eat ice cream before dinner whenever and as much as possible?

While Emack and Bolio's is admittedly absurdly expensive, when all you're getting is ice cream, it's a pretty cheap NYC date!

While eating our ice cream, we found a park behind the Museum of Natural History in which to sit and watch dogs playing fetch and toddlers on scooters, because while we are happily childless and carefree, we are not heartless fools.

Now that we both have operational bikes, we're hoping to cut way down on our subway usage this summer. Sam even sent me google maps directions to biking to Rockaway Beach! It's only 22 miles. We can do it, right?



One thought on “Weeknight date

  1. Bri says:

    I didn’t know there was an Emack & Bolio’s in New York!!! I used to go when I went to Cape Cod all the time!

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