neighborAt a dinner party last night where about half of the people in the room had recently moved, the subject of introducing yourself to new neighbors came up. We all agreed in New York City it’s expected that you won’t become friendly with your neighbors, and even making the effort to introduce yourself can be met with cool hostility. Sam and I only have one neighbor, and while he was very nice on the day we moved in, we haven’t run into him since! We seem to be on opposite schedules.

Mr. RogersIt’s so different here than where I grew up, where in both of my childhood houses we became close friends with our neighbors – swapping cooking ingredients, cars, keys, and kids to varying degrees as needed. That particular brand of relationship seems to be lost in a city where most people have tons of neighbors and everyone moves all the time. What do you think? How much of an effort to you make to get to know your neighbors?

P.S. How true is this hilarious article from the Onion? When I lived in my last apartment (with upstairs neighbors who jumped into my backyard to avoid the police) I routinely waited just inside our door to avoid crossing paths.


3 thoughts on “Neighbors

  1. jenusingword says:

    I’m like you, it’s odd to not know your neighbors, but I also come from and live in the South. I’d prefer to live in the city, some place out of the South, but I can’t right now. I loved the article from the Onion too, it’s so true! I do this when seeing people out at a store too.


    1. Becca says:

      The grocery store duck-and-hide! In NYC there’s also the cross-the-street and the slow-down to avoid having to walk with people you kind of know (or know too well!) you see on the street!


      1. jenusingword says:

        I think I’ve used all those! And here I thought I needed to be in a big city to employ these tactics! Lol.


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