Last weekend, Sam and I went for the first bike ride of the year! Sam will bike in all weather, but I’ll only bike when it’s sunny and warm. We just went for a ride around Central Park, but our somewhat harried ride to the park reminded me of this video, have you seen it?

It’s a short documentary-style video that efficiently tears apart the terrible state of biking in most of the US from the perspective of a dutch rider. He points out how dangerous it is for people to bike ride here, and how that filters into how we think about biking. Most Americans categorize biking as a leisure activity – I never realized how odd it might seem to a culture that sees biking as a mode of transportation to see Americans putting bikes on their cars to drive somewhere before getting on their bikes. It would be almost like seeing someone tow their car out to a race track to use it for the day before putting it back in the garage for a few weeks. Bizarre.

I can’t stop looking up bike rides to do up here – I’m hoping we can ride up to the Cloisters before this stained glass exhibit closes!



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