When I asked Sam what he wanted in a headboard for our bedroom, his only request was, “wood.” Now, I love a big, beautiful, wood headboard as much as the next person, but they tend to run on the side of ungodly expensive, so I had to figure out an alternative.

I loved the idea of a huge (cheap!) plywood headboard, but there was the issue of getting it to our apartment from…wherever. Once I decided to build all of those bookshelves, though, I just added it onto our order and had it delivered. Then I relied completely on Sam's brute strength and pure genius to figure out how to get the 4' by 8' sheet of inch-thick plywood up our switchback stairwell without killing us or cracking the wood.

I sanded and stained the edges to give it some contrast and sealed the whole thing to bring out the knots and…

Cue sad trombone. It's not horrible, and it definitely looks ok in this photo, but the color of our walls is kind of same tone as the wood and it ends up just looking sad when it's anything but totally sunny out, which, obviously, is every single night when we get home from work. I think it would look great if our walls were a truer white, but that isn't happening anytime soon since our apartment was painted right before we moved in. I like it better than not having anything, because it feels much more like a bed now instead of a mattress, but I don't think I'll leave it as-is for very long.

This was the first of my projects to turn out truly mediocre. The dresser started out so horrible there was nowhere to go but up, and the bookshelves were hard to mess up because there's so much inspiration out there already. It seemed like a big, plywood board would be too easy to get wrong, but I think because it's essentially just a big, blank canvas that it turned out to be more difficult than I thought. I'm not sure where to go from here. Do I paint it? Stencil? Wallpaper? I still want to get one of these prints to put above it eventually, so I also want to make sure whatever I do will work with starry skies. This is hard! But at least we have a headboard! Or something.



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