Before the great shelf building of 2014, the top drawer of my side of the dresser looked like this:drawer and organizer beforeI probably should have told you to shield your eyes, but what kind of fun is a good after if you aren’t thoroughly and unwillingly scarred by a before shot, right?

Anyway, I managed to clear out a lot of the stuff in there that I don’t use on a daily or weekly basis (like…hairbrushes) and put them in a box on one of our many shelves. I know I said I would never mention the shelves or closets again but A) I’m still coming down from that awesome organization high I got when I spent three hours dividing all our junk up into different boxes (electronic cord junk, home and bath junk, christmas junk…it was awesome) and B) I didn’t want you to think that I don’t own a hairbrush when you see the after picture and there is no hairbrush included. I just don’t use one.

After clearing out the drawer, there were still two big issues: that drawer divider was nasty because I’ve had it since freshman year of college, and I had no good way to store my jewelry and so haven’t been wearing anything except my moon necklace since we moved. At first I was thinking I would have to get a new drawer divider entirely, make one, or somehow cover this one in fabric or paper, but I didn’t want to spend any money, I wanted something that would actually hold up to daily use, and I couldn’t figure out how I would cover all the corners and different sized boxes without it looking terrible. Then I had a true stroke of straight up genius and realized, duh, I can just paint it! The drawer divider is covered in canvas, so totally paintable, which is good because empty it looked like this:

Drawer organizer empty before

Ugh. Gross. I gave it two coats of my beloved Glidden gripper primer and one coat of the off-the-shelf white from the dresser project.

Drawer organizer whiteAt which point a normal person with time management skills would have said, good enough! and gone to clean the bathroom or watch Game of Thrones for the third time or something, but I wanted it to be pretty, so I spent like an hour taping on a chevron pattern. Supposedly you should be able to just use a piece of tape as a guide between lines to see where you should put your next piece of tape, but that wasn’t really working for me so I ended up half eye-balling it and half using a ruler to make sure the sides were even.

Drawer organizer tape

Then I painted it gold! I should have first given the lines around the tape a coat of white so that the gold wouldn’t bleed through but I was tired of painting things white and wanted to get to the fun part. You understand.

Drawer organizer duringWhen I took off the tape it was…not great.

Drawer organizer painted messySo then I spent two episodes of Orange is the New Black cleaning up the edges with a tiny paintbrush. It was kind of calming actually, like meditation but with shiny trendy gold chevron.

Drawer organizer afterSo beautiful! But the real winner of this project is not the freshened-up drawer organizer. No, it’s plastic egg cartons.

I had been looking around for something that would work to organize my jewelry (you see where this is going) and realized that while, sadly, our egg cartons are plastic (it’s either that or styrofoam at our grocery store, unfortunately) and are therefore useless for starting seeds for our hypothetical window-sill herb garden, they can be used to organize teeny things like a boss. My mom also pointed out they’re stackable, making the whole thing so much better. Our eggs come with a bottom egg-shape layer, a top lid-layer, plus that middle flippy-layer that serves to keep the eggs even more secure, so one egg carton was all I needed for a two-layer jewelry storage situation.

Drawer organizer jewelryI’ve discovered I can even take out the top one and wedge it on the edge of the drawer so I can see everything at once! This solution might not work for jewelry mavens who spend more than about 5 seconds a day considering what jewelry to wear, but for me it’s perfect. And free! Drawer organizer jewelryAltogether, my dresser now looks like this:

Drawer organizer after

dresser de-clutteredAhhhh, so lovely. I’m actually upset with myself because I threw away another drawer organizer from college that was too big to fit inside anything we currently own, but after this makeover I’m realizing I could have used it on the bottom shelf of our TV stand for things like remotes and pens. Oh well, at least my nail polishes are all lined up in a row according to height and color, so everything is right in my world.


One thought on “Corraling the little things

  1. Beth says:

    That drawer just HAD to have gold chevrons! I get it! We are kindred spirits.

    Liked by 1 person

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