When my sisters and I were little, we lived in a neighborhood made of cul-de-sacs, making it the perfect place for gaggles of children to roam around, always within sight of someone’s house, even if it wasn’t their own. We were given few rules: we had to stick together, and when the street lights came on at dusk, it was time to come home.

summer at dusk paintingWhile it’s been quite a while since I had to follow that rule, streetlights and dusk still bring a wave of nostalgia. Right now, it’s the exact right time of year when I end up walking home from the subway right as the streetlights come on and the sky can’t decide if it’s still light out or not. I love those few minutes when, even as the world darkens, the sky seems to glow against the city in protest before succumbing to the dark, and for me, nothing signifies the end of the day quite like the flicker of a streetlight waking up.

When I saw this painting by artist KikiandPolly on Etsy, I was instantly transported to that streetlights feeling from my childhood. Pure nostalgia, straight to the vein. Has a work of art ever done that to you?


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