I think when Sam and I moved into this apartment, I had a vague but deeply routed belief that we would spend more of our apartment budget on substantial items – a couch, our dresser – and less money on the things that blend into the background. Bathroom storage, nightstands, an end table on which to put a glass of water and a magazine. I thought we would spend like a hundred bucks, max, on our dining room chairs. And that they would be quality pieces of furniture. And that I would like the way they looked.

Photo Mar 09, 5 46 14 PM

HA. It turns out even overstock.com and wayfair.com stalking can only get you down to like $180 for four non-terrible chairs, and even then they’ll be firmly mediocre and that’s sans taxes and shipping. They’ll be chairs you’ll put out on the curb in like 3 years trying not to think about how much you, personally, have contributed throughout your twenties to landfills and therefore the eventual and inevitable destruction of our beautiful mother earth. I didn’t want to go that route. Our chair problem was solved when it turned out my mom had an unfinished DIY heirloom project hanging out in her garage for the last twenty years that she was not only willing but happy to unload onto me (shipped via Greyhound Package Express! Super easy and cheap, just make sure you pack very well before sending, and you’ll have to drop off and pick up your packages at a Greyhound station). I am now steadfastly ignoring the fact that they desperately need to be refinished and one of them really needs a new seat before someone breaks through and gets tetanus from a 60-year-old nail.

Photo Mar 09, 5 46 30 PMWhile I continue to procrastinate getting started on the actually refinishing of these chairs, I thought I’d share what we’re sitting on now. We’ve had guests (not-related to us, though we’ve had those, too) on these chairs, friends. I am not ashamed. I think they’re great! The shape is super cool and they’re pretty small while still not seeming like child-chairs when fully grown men sit in them. I’m still thinking this fabric will be the way to go.

Photo Mar 09, 5 46 24 PMI’m looking forward to the day when these chairs no longer look like they belong in the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Not that I don’t appreciate that look, it doesn’t really go with the aesthetic I’m going for in this apartment.


2 thoughts on “Dining chairs!

  1. Beth says:

    I think the Peruvian fabric would look fabulous on those chairs!


  2. Susan cloyd says:

    I can’t wait until this DIY project is complete! You’re just the person to finish it! Love, z, Mom


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