Sam and I are in the market for an air conditioner. Ugh, I know, but I did two summers sans air conditioner after college and while it did make me feel like I had conquered the entire world using only strawberry flavored dental floss and a pair of flip flops, I declared defeat sometime around last August 11th, when we realized we were spending so much more time in Sam’s 200 sq foot university apartment with air conditioner than at my nice, spacious, fully furnished apartment without. And it was making our summers (summer! my favorite time of the year!) miserable.

ImageSo! We know we have to get on that soon before every single air conditioner in the world goes up in price by about 4000%, but I haven’t known how to choose. They all look the same, they all supposedly work the same, they all seem like they’ll fall out of our window at any second after installation. But then this morning, I heard about the new Aros Smart air conditioner from Quirky and GE. It’s sleek, it comes with an app designed to help you save money (HUGE in my book) and will track your budget and temperature for you. Seeing as it will probably be close to a decade before we don’t have to use a window unit, I’m wondering if we should bite the bullet and go for the $300 price tag. The bestselling air conditioner on Amazon is half that, but for (hopefully) an investment that will pay off in energy and money savings for years to come…maybe it’s worth it?

ImageIt’s difficult, because there are no reviews out yet and we need to get an air conditioner now and I don’t want these to sell out before we decide. What should we do??


3 thoughts on “Air conditioner candidate?

  1. Mia says:

    There are no professional reviews on Cnet or anything?


  2. pamlighaam says:

    Hmmm. I wish I can give you technical advice on this model. I can only offer that after living most of my adult life without the type of AC that you and I grew up with (ha! literally in the same house!) I have bought and used a couple of different portable air conditioners, and A) none of them broke and B) it was WAAAAAY better than no AC at all. At no point did we say, “Well, we’re sorry we bought that.” Quite the contrary, it’s more like: (Head slap) “Why did we wait so long!” Go get the one you want and enjoy your summer.


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