So I’m trying to figure out nightstands.

Fav sold out end table targetvia

So far, Sam has been using a nightstand that’s about 10 inches too high for our mattress-on-the-ground sitch, and I’ve been using the floor. Miraculously I have yet to step on any of the many expensive electronics I plug in right next to our bed every night, but I know if this system persists much longer it’s only a matter of time. So! I’ve been looking for nightstands. But while it was easy enough to find an $80 dresser on craigslist, people are not so easy about nightstands. For whatever reason (the teeny drawers? All the knobs?), nightstands are expensive.

world market table 1via

For a while I had this idea of getting wine crates and screwing them into the walls like shelves, or just getting shelves and positioning them at the right level, but recent events have made it much more likely that my dream plywood headboard scenario will be becoming a reality very soon, so I’ve had to retrench. Now I’m thinking something more metal-esque will work well against a 4′ x 8′ wall o’ wood, but so far I haven’t been able to find anything remotely affordable at the right height (around 18″). The first end table up top is PERFECT, but Target isn’t selling it anymore. The next two are fine but too tall! I feel like Goldilocks. The search continues.

world market table 2via

P.S I feel like this post had literally no point but I’ve been thinking about nightstands so much (I even dreamed about them! I know. I need to get out more.) that I had to share. You understand. Or you don’t. Whatever. To quote Miley Cyrus, it’s my blog I can do what I want.


One thought on “Nightstand nonsense

  1. Allison says:

    I feel your pain. I’ve been kicking myself for not grabbing the world’s most perfect-what I was looking for-could not ask for more or cheaper nightstands about a month ago, but I was worried about when we were going to move, and now I can’t find anything! Is it too much to ask for matching 22-28in high nightstands with at least one drawer, one shelf, under $100, and crappy looking enough that I don’t feel guilty for painting them and adding sweet Anthro knobs to them? I think not.


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