This is a little different than my regularly scheduled programming, but I couldn’t resist posting this bizarre video of 20 strangers kissing for the first time.

Two nights ago, Sam and I were watching Reality Bites and Sam got up to quickly wash our dinner dishes. I narrated the movie for him while he cleaned up the kitchen, at one point calling out, “Sex scene! They are having sex!” (Quite loudly, as well, since Sam had the water running.)

Today, I was struck by how different the experience was watching this video as compared with a movie. Even knowing that these are paid actors who were most likely given the instruction to “kiss passionately” without any other direction, making it even more awkward than a typical actor-kissing situation, it still felt kind of invasive to watch, whereas I had no problem announcing the sexual activity of Wynona Rider and Ethan Hawke to Sam as though they had just won a race.

Maybe it’s because we’ve all had that moment, but for most of us it lasts about one second and is surrounded by the events and feelings that got us to the point of kissing whoever it is we’re kissing, protecting us from the awkwardness that is preparing to press your face against someone else’s for the first time. So in a way, this video is a slow-motion version of everyone’s first kiss with everyone. If only all kisses ended in movie-worthy make-outs instead of clashing teeth or bumped noses.

Anyway, just thought I’d share.


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