You know how the internet is always flinging new tips and tricks at you to make your life easier? And some of them really are interesting except who has the time to try them out, anyway, especially when they might not even work?

I do. I have the time. Or rather, I have an obsession with anything that promises to fix something tiny yet troublesome that also seems to have something to do with science that I don’t at all understand. Some of these promised lifehacks are a web of lies, designed to draw you down a long, dark path of DIY fails until you no longer have faith in yourself or life as we know it. But some! Some shine a beacon of hope on a previously unsolvable annoyance that wasn’t a huge problem but was enough to make some part of your day less than stellar. And I’m all about a stellar day, friends.

So! Let’s get to it.

The source: Lifehacker
The claim: Rubbing a bar of soap all over a mirror will keep it from fogging.
The result: It works! Perfectly! And it will transform your life.

Ok here’s how it’s done:

soap on mirror1Take your bar of soap and rub it so your whole mirror (or just the part that you want to be un-foggy) is murky. Don’t press too hard and make it too thick or you will choke in a toxic cloud of soap dust for like 45 minutes. I use whatever bar of soap Sam has in the shower and then just put it back on the sly, usually some sort of plain Dove bar. Whatever. This also benefits him so I do not care if he would prefer I not use his personal soap for regular bathroom mirror unfogging.

buffing the mirrorThen you buff off the soapy filmy-ness until the mirror is clear by rubbing a paper towel in circles. You will start to panic because at first it will seem like your mirror will never be anything but murky again and you will curse me and think sadly about the day when you move out and your landlord finds out that not only have you ruined their mirror, but you’ve had to brush your teeth without staring, unblinking, into your own two eyes while you brush for the entire length of your lease. Don’t deny it. We all do it.

clear mirror

But never fear! The mirror will clear and it will look like you never rubbed soap all over it at all! And while I couldn’t figure out a good way to show you that the mirror won’t fog up after you shower (I mean…it looks just like it does in the photo, except my hair is wet), I promise you will be able to see the exact details of your face the second you step out of the shower. Imagine that world. It’s wonderful. It exists. And it’s waiting for you.


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