You guys. This weekend? Sam and I saw the best movie ever. BEST. EVER.

Ok yes it was Frozen.

land of the fjords poster


Aside from being funny and engaging, it was visually stunning, which made me long to visit scandinavia and kayak through the fjords. Since that’s not happening any time soon, I started dreaming of cozy scandinavian blankets and icy prints for our walls…

snowy coast photo

ok this is iceland. but it’s also a fjord! via

You may say most bloggers wouldn’t base an entire post on the latent desire to live inside of a Disney movie. I say you have no idea how amazing Frozen is, then, and I shall prove to you that you should not only go see it and report back as to how much you love it, but that we should all go forth and surround ourselves with the gorgeousness that is Frozen irl, aka scandinavia.

blue blanket


Super coze. Also prohibitively expensive. I’m sorry! Blankets apparently cost the world.

scandinavian blue print


This print is like the ridiculously expensive blanket in art print form. It’s also attainable.

scandinavian art print




Ugh how awesomely nordic and warm and inviting would a room filled with these prints be? Would you just want to eat all kinds of lutefisk while wrapped in your absurdly expensive scandinavian blanket?


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