While it will be a while before my bedroom looks anything like I want it to look, I can’t help but gather images of bedrooms I admire to use as inspiration.

Bed on Floor

via Apartment Therapy

I went looking for bedrooms with beds on the floor and found Marcel Marongiu’s Paris apartment on Apartment Therapy. I love the huge pillows, cozy blanket, and the way the art defines the wall behind the bed, even without a headboard, though those nightstands seem kind of risky. Glass of water on the head, anyone? Though who knows, maybe he likes his bedtime with a little bit of danger.

California bedroom

via Apartment Therapy

While we have nowhere near that amount of space for a nightstand on either side of our bed (nor enough storage luxury to store suspiciously monochromatic books on not one but two shelves), how dreamy is this bedroom? I’m obsessed with those blurry paintings (photos?) and have been trying to find something similar via the usual sites since I saw this bedroom in the California Home & Design 2012 show house via Apartment Therapy.

plywood bedroom

via Apartment 34

This is the only bedroom we could really hope to actually emulate, though after several hopeful months of fantasizing about our wall-to-wall plywood headboard I’ve finally accepted that I don’t think there’s a way to physically get the piece of plywood here, let alone up our tiny stairwell. It would look so good, but without a truck (or a friend with a truck), I don’t think it’s going to happen. I love the natural wood, though, and the hanging lamp. If we can find a cord kit long enough to go all the way up to our ceiling and back down to our bed, I will totally go this route.


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