I’ve been passing a lot of time looking for affordable art for our walls, particularly in our bedroom.

Galaxy Photo 4I want something as large as possible to go over our bed. I think we’re going to keep our mattress-and-box-spring-on-the-ground situation for a while and I daydream of a huge piece to take up some room on our tall, tall walls.

Galaxy Photo 2I love these night sky photographs from Man & Camera. Don’t they make you feel like you’re sitting around a fire, making s’mores and telling exquisite corpse stories?

Galaxy Photo 3There is almost nothing I love better than a good campfire when it’s chilly out. It brings me right back to camping in California as a kid, when we would head to the beach or the desert with plenty of marshmallows at the ready.

Galaxy Photo 1And since these are available on Society 6, we’ll be able to snag a 40″ x 28″ print for about $60! Which is almost as good as it gets, I think.

What’s hanging in your bedroom?

(Photographs by Man & Camera via Society 6)


One thought on “Sleeping under the stars

  1. Beth says:

    I like the last one. With the trees.


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