But what’s a good before and after without a truly terrible before? Right? Right?

This was about 12 days after we moved in, so just…keep that in mind?

Sigh. Here you go.


The front entry, standing in our bedroom doorway, looking at the front door and the coat closet. 


Oh man it’s bad. This is so bad. It kind of looks like murderers or college frat boys live here, but I swear it was just like a week after we moved in and the color of our walls and old blankets make everything look mildly sepia-toned (which, while lovely on instagram, turns out just makes real life like living in a watery root beer float).


Not terrible for a New York City bathroom! My last bathroom had mauve walls with pink and orange-y tile and linoleum (I think. It’s already fading into the darkest recesses of my memory where terrible things go to die), so this black, white, and even the weird grey-blue dorm tiles on the floor are workable. WORKABLE, I TELL YOU.


I’m going to ignore the chaos of these pictures and just focus on the space and those window. You can see what we’re working with, here, right? Light! Space! Twelve foot ceilings! A UTILITY CLOSET! I almost cried when I first opened that little door (almost completely out of view in the top picture – you can barely see the molding of the door frame on the left of the bookcase) and saw 2.5×7 feet of pure storage. Bonus: If we’re ever truly strapped for cash we could probably rent that sucker out for like $600/month.


Aaaaand the grand hallway, looking all the way down to our bedroom at the end. Coming soon: slightly less disastrous photos, projects galore, craigslist envy, and not going broke and/or overcome by rampant home design consumerism!


2 thoughts on “I almost can’t bring myself to post these.

  1. Beth says:

    I want to visit.


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